yo ghost: Yeoman meets the Ghost blogging platform

This weekend I started work on a Yeoman generator for the Ghost blogging platform: generator-ghost.

Currently it will download Ghost and the default Casper theme. You can also copy the Casper theme over to a new folder with the theme-copy-casper subgenerator to get started on a customized theme.


Make sure you have the yo module installed:

npm install -g yo

Install generator-ghost:

npm install -g generator-ghost


Create a directory for your ghost blog and enter that directory:

mkdir ghooooost && cd ghooooost

Run the ghost generator using yo:

yo ghost

This downloads Ghost and Casper.

To create a new theme based on Casper, run this subgenerator:

yo ghost:theme-copy-casper NAME-OF-NEW-THEME

That will copy the Casper theme over to a new folder named NAME-OF-NEW-THEME.

Additional setup

Now, make sure you have the grunt-cli tool installed:

npm install -g grunt-cli

And run grunt init to compile the SASS, Handlebars, and create the directory for Bourbon:

grunt init

Now, you can run your ghost blog in development like usual:

npm start


I'd like to revise the generator to run the grunt init build step automatically. If anyone is interested in working with me on that I'm definitely open to contributions: github.com/sethvincent/generator-ghost.

I'd also like to have a theme generator that starts a new theme that's even more bare-bones than Casper.


Let me know in the repository issue queue if you find any bugs or have ideas for the project: github.com/sethvincent/generator-ghost/issues

Seth Vincent writes code, stories, and music. He's an independent programmer, designer and writer focused on storytelling and javascript. Previously he’s worked as a writing tutor and as an advisor of a student news organization. He's a co-organizer of seattle.io and Code for Seattle , and owner of Super Big Tree.

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