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Learn JavaScript by adventuring around in the terminal

Learning to code online is cool. But sometimes people get to the end of a tutorial on a site like and then say, "wait, now how do I use that?"

Making retro interactive art with gretro & gameloop

This will serve as a basic introduction to the gretro, a JavaScript module that provides an API for drawing 2D art on a canvas that has the style of a retro video game.

Learning to code? You should learn about development environments

Wait, what is this development environment thing? A development environment is like a digital workshop. A workspace and set of tools for building software projects.

Why do you care about JavaScript?

It's a secret. That's what I really like about JavaScript. It's a secret hidden in plain sight. It's magic that powers a wide range of sites, glue that binds our online actions to a website's functionality.

Introduction to pixi.js

Pixi.js is a wonderful library dedicated to serving as a fast and simple rendering engine. It can be used with a number of other JavaScript game libraries, and can do both canvas and WebGL rendering.
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