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npm recipes showcases the awesome 80,000+ modules found on npm. Each chapter is a grab bag of modules, with usage instructions for each module individually and in coordination with the others.

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The Learn.js book series is highly inspired by the lean publishing model. I'm releasing the book early to get feedback from you, dear readers, so that together we can make the best book about javascript tools and libraries possible.

I'll be releasing updates regularly up until each book is feature complete at v1.0.0. Help me determine what it will mean for a book to be feature complete by filling out a survey asking what development tools, libraries, and programming patterns you'd be most interested in seeing covered. Email me at

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    The Learn.js series teaches:

  • Javascript syntax, functions, data types, and programming patterns.
  • How to find and use Javascript libraries.
  • Using javascript/jquery to manipulate html elements.
  • Using javascript for server-side coding.
  • Using developer tools like Git, GitHub, Chrome Dev Tools, Bower, npm, and Grunt.
  • How to build a wide range of projects with javascript, from the server to the client, from game development to data analysis.

About the author:

Seth Vincent writes code, stories, and music. He's an independent programmer, designer and writer focused on storytelling and javascript. Previously he’s worked as a writing tutor and as an advisor of a student news organization. He's a co-organizer of and Code for Seattle , and owner of Super Big Tree.